• Change Your Password

    You should have received an email with your login and password for logging into the CHAMP Forum and the first step is to change your password. Here is how to do it. Go to your Board Forum Enter the username and password provided in your email to the form at…

  • Can My Video Auto Play?

    For CHAMP Live and OnDemand video players, auto-play is not an option. The reason is that desktop browsers have become more strict in how they handle video. The good news is that the experience for your viewers are identical for both mobile and desktop. The bad new is that they…

  • How To Convert Your Video

    If you have a file that was generated outside of your CHAMP Encoder, then chances are you will need to convert the file into a web-friendly version. The most common way to do this is via the free and Open Source software Handbrake.

  • Can I Pause My Recording?

    Pausing video is much like editing video, which is frowned upon due to Sunshine Laws, so we don’t offer that feature. If you stop recording, it stops the recording process and creates a new file when you start recording again. That being said, we do understand the reason for wanting…

  • Can I Download My Video?

    Yes you can! You can download any video from any event directly to your local computer.

  • How To Upload A Video

    How to upload a video that was created outside of the CHAMP Encoder.

  • Minutes Video Walkthrough

    The following video is a detailed walkthrough on how to create your Minutes in the CHAMP software. It is assumed that you already watched the Agenda Walkthrough previously and are looking to take the next step.

  • Video Walkthrough

    A video walkthrough on how to create and publish video in the CHAMP system.