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Creating & Editing Presets

One of the most popular features of any CHAMP Camera systems is to create presets for your camera(s) so that you can easily change shots with the click of a button. Go from a wide shot of your board to a close of up of the Chairperson all in on one-camera, or multiple. Below is a walkthrough on how to create and edit presets for your camera(s):

Select Edit Mode

1. From the top menu, select “Elements” and then “Camera / Studio Controls”.

2. Next to the camera you wish to edit, select the green pencil icon.

Camera preset edit icon
Closeup of the Edit icon for creating and editing camera presets

2. To create a new preset, select the “+ button”. To edit an existing preset, simply select the preset by name.

Preset edit menu
Options for editing or creating new presets

3. When you are in edit mode, there are a variety of tools to help you frame the exact shot you’d like to set.

Screenshot of the camera preset controls
Camera preset controls

A. Add a title for your preset

B. Move the camera left-right or up-down

D. Check the “Use Preset for Multiview” box if you want this preset to be used in your Mulitview shot, if you have the Multiview feature in your Camera System

Zoom in-and-out to frame your shot

When you’re done, select the “SET PRESET” button. Note: If you ever wish to remove a preset, simply click the “DELETE” button.

Exit Edit Mode

When you’re done creating and/or editing your presets, simply select the group.

Animated GIF of entering and exiting edit mode
Animated GIF of entering and exiting edit mode

Tips & Tricks

Quickly Setting Up Closeups

If you have a camera dedicated to closeups, you can quickly create presets for each chair one-after-the-other.

  • Start with the seat at the far left and create a preset
  • Create a new preset and then move the camera to the right a little bit for the next seat
  • Continue until you have every seat with a preset

Check Your Shots

Before the start of a meeting, it is good practice to go through your presets to verify that nothing has changed, or needs a small tweak. This way you can make any necessary adjustments ahead of time.

Minor Adjustments

Your presets may need an adjustment from time-to-time either due to something in your shot being moved, such as the podium, or just general use of the system. If you see one of your presets is not exactly how you want it, simply do a quick edit like this:

  • Go into “Edit Mode” for the camera you wish to update
  • Select the preset
  • Make your adjustments
  • Select “Set Preset” to save the new settings.

Power Outages

If your CHAMP Camera system loses power, the cameras will reset to a default position once power is restored. Typically this isn’t an ideal shot, so you’ll want to click a preset to move the camera back into position.

Updated on November 13, 2023

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