• Quick Take: Captions In Google Chrome

    The Google Chrome browser has the ability to generate Live Captions if you enable the option. Here’s how to enable the feature.

  • How To Trim A File

    Removing any extra footage you have at the start or the end of your file is easy with our trim tool and it still preserves your original file.

  • Local Recordings And How To Use Them

    Whenever you record your live event you are actually recording in two places: the CHAMP Cloud and your local encoder. This is automatic and ensures that you have a local copy as a backup, should you need it. Although rare, the Internet is still a bit wild and things can…

  • How To Create A Private Packet

    There may be times where you’d like to make certain attachments on your Agenda only available to your Board Members and not to the public. In other words, you want to attachments excluded from the public packet. This is done by using the Private Packet for your Board, instead of…

  • SNAT = Dangerous

    Your CHAMP Video service requires that ports 50001 through 50008 be NAT mapped from your edge firewall to the local IP address of your CHAMP Encoder. Best practices says that this NAT mapping be a DNAT and not an SNAT Why Is It Dangerous? SNAT obfuscates who is talking to…

  • What Ports Does CHAMP Use

    If you have the CHAMP Video service, then your encoder will need ports 50001 through 50008 NAT mapped to the local IP of the encoder. We recommend restricting access to these port to the following IP blocks. and CHAMP IP Blocks