All CHAMP Services are billed annually which covers one-year of service, all of it’s included features (such as bandwidth), and all training and support. Once your invoice is received, simply mail a check to the address provided. Payment should be received no later than 30-days after your renewal date.

If You Need A Proposal First

If you need to generate a Purchase Order before payment can be made, you may require a Proposal before you can process an invoice. If this is the case, simply email our Accounting Department at

Can I Pay Via Credit Card?

The short answer is no. In an effort to keep our prices consistent and low, we prefer receiving a check, or bank draft since there are no additional fees to process your payment.

Where Do I Mail My Check?

There should be an address on your invoice but our direct mailing address is

Champion Data Systems
615 Main Street, Suite M11
Nashville, TN 37206

Updated on February 17, 2020

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