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Formatting A Description

The description area of an item allows you a lot of formatting options for laying out text. This allows you to fully build your Agenda without the need to use MS Word, for example. This document will walk you through what options are available and how to use them.

Where Can I Find A Description?

Specifically, there are three areas with Descriptions:

  1. Event Description
  2. Agenda Description
  3. Minutes Description

The Toolbar

Toolbar Overview

When editing a description, there is a toolbar at the top of the field that allows you to customize the text you place in the field.

Description Toolbar


As you type, you can undo changes that you’ve recently made and redo them if you want them back.

Text Emphasis

This is the most common formatting you’ll do. Bold, Italics, Underlining are all supported and can be combined as well.


Any paragraph within the description can be aligned either left, right or center.

Bullets / Indenting

Take any block of text and make it a bulleted list and/or indent a block of text

Highlight one or more words and click this button to make the text a link. You can remove it with the “Unlink” button

Text Format

This is a more advanced option and it allows you to switch from the Paragraph style of a block of text to a “Preformatted” option.

Paragraphs & Line Breaks

Paragraphs & Line Breaks

By default, when you press the “Enter” key on your keyboard, a new paragraph is started. Like any paragraph, there is space between the first paragraph and the second.

Sometimes you’d prefer to just have a line-break and not a paragraph and that can be done by holding down the “Shift” key when you use the “Enter”. So “Shift + Enter” is a line break.


Tables can be challenging because often time you will need more room that is available. Remember, your Agenda or Minutes are available as HTML (more flexible) and a PDF (more rigid) and having a table formatted to fit on letter sized paper in a PDF can be hard.

That being said, you can definitely create tables and here’s how to do it:

  1. Created the rows with Shift+Enter after entering the first item
  2. Select the paragraph and choose “Prefomatted” setting
  3. Add spaces to line things up and use “|” to create lines (optional)

Don’t Format: When creating tables with Preformatted text, don’t do any text emphasis because it will cause your table to not line up correctly.

Updated on January 26, 2023

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