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How To Create A Private Packet

There may be times where you’d like to make certain attachments on your Agenda only available to your Board Members and not to the public. In other words, you want to attachments excluded from the public packet. This is done by using the Private Packet for your Board, instead of the usual Agenda Packet that is published publicly.

What Is A Private Packet?

The typical Agenda Packet you normally publish is available to the Public and published on your web site. A Private Packet is automatically created whenever you have at least one Private Attachment and is only available within the CHAMP software. More on this below.

What Is A Private Attachment?

When you mark an attachment as Private, then it is only available in the Private Packet. It will not appear in the usual Public Agenda Packet that you normally use, which means that it will not appear on your web site and the Public will not have access to it.

How To Make An Attachment Private

After uploading an attachment to an Agenda item, simply do the following:

  1. Select the Attachment so that you can Edit it.
  2. Select the Public Icon (eye)
  3. A button will appear asking you to confirm that you’d like to make the attachment private. Select “Yes, mark as PRIVATE”

You’ll now see the Private Icon (eye with a line through it) to the right of the attachment. This indicates that this attachment is no longer public.

Making an Attachment Private

How To Use The Private Packet

Once you’ve made at least one Attachment private, the CHAMP software will automatically create a Private Packet for you to use. The Private Packet includes all Public Attachments as well as any Private Attachments, so your Board only needs to use the Private version for their meeting.

Since this packet is not published on your web site, you’ll need to download the PDF and distribute it in the same manner that you share other private information to your Board.

To download the Private Packet, simply do the following:

  1. Select “Preview” at the top of the Agenda Tab
  2. Select “Agenda Packet (Private) PDF”, which will open the Private Packet in a new tab/window
  3. Download the PDF to your computer and then distribute as you see fit
How to download the Private Packet
Updated on January 31, 2023

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